20 Things to Start Doing

20 Things to Start Doing

Now I don’t remember where I saw this or found it, but I have this written down and love it. So I figured I would share it with you guys. So here are 20 thing to start doing.

20 Things to Start Doing

#1. Drink a lot of water and green tea

#2. Eat a big breakfast, average lunch, and tiny dinner

#3.  Eat fruits, vegetables, and natural food

#4. Go for a walk, swim, or bike ride

#5.  Read a book….or 10

#6. Go to bed earlier

#7. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself and others

#8. Don’t dwell on the past turn it into art

#9.  Enjoy little things in life

#10. Do not judge or compare yourself to others

#11. Begin yoga or meditation

#12. Do not put things off

#13. Avoid processed foods

#14. Stretch daily to improve flexibility

#15. Listen to peaceful music

#16. Live in a tidy space

#17. Wear clothes that make you happy

#18. Throw away things you don’t need

#19. Remember that all the efforts you are making now will pay in the end

#20. Go outside

So yea there are few in there I should really start doing more often, and I’m sure there are a few you should start doing to. It’s great advice/reminders of things we should all start doing more often than we do. I hope you guys enjoyed.

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