Eating Healthy: 10 Tips to Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy: 10 Tips to Eating Healthy

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, but it could be easier as well. So if you’re wanting to start eating healthy


Tip #1. Eat a variety of foods. As we all know our bodies need different nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Unfortunately there is not one food out there that has all these nutrients in it. So a great way to do this is by eating bread and other whole grain products, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and meat. How much you eat of these items depends on your caloric daily intake goal.

Tip #2. Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Did you know that the average american doesn’t eat enough of these foods? Do you eat 6-11 servings from the bread, cereal, rice, and pasta family, 3 of which should be whole grains? Do you eat 2-4 servings of fruit, or 3-5 servings of vegetables? If you don’t like some of these than look at recipes in cookbooks or online for ways to enjoy them.

Tip #3. Maintain a health weight. The weight that’s right for you depends on many factors such as gender, age, height, and hereditary. Having excess body fat can increase you chances for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, and other illnesses. But being to thin can increase your chance for osteoporosis and other health problems. So if you’re constantly losing and gaining weight, a registered dietician can help you develop sensible eating habits that can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Tip #4. Eat moderate portions. If you keep your food portions sizes reasonable, it’s easier to eat the foods you want and stay healthy. Did you know the recommended serving of meat is three ounces, or about the size of a deck of cards? As well as a medium fruit is 1 serving, and a cup of pasta equals two servings. Plus a pint of ice cream is 4 servings. All food packaging or the internet says approx. how many calories are in some of your favorite foods.

Tip #5. Eat meals regularly. Skipping meals can lead to out of control hunger, often resulting in overeating. As well when you’re very hungry you tend to forget about healthy eating. Snacking can help curb hunger, but eat so much that it ends up being a full meal.

Tip #6. Reduce don’t eliminate. A lot of people eat for pleasure and nutrition. If some of your favorite foods are high in fat, salt, or sugar, the key is moderating how much of these foods you eat and how often you eat them. Identifying major sources of these ingredients in your diet and make changes, if necessary of course. Adults who eat high-fat meats or whole milk dairy products at every meal are probably eating too much fat. Use the Nutrition Facts Panel on the food label to help balance your diet.

Tip #7. Change your food choices over time. Not every food has to be “perfect.” When eating foods high in fat, salt or sugar, select foods that are low in these ingredients. If you ever miss out on a food group one day, make up for it the next. Your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy pattern.

Tip #8. Know your diet down falls. In order to improve your eating habits you need to know where your going wrong. Write down everything you eat for 3 days. Then check your list according to these questions. Do you add a lot of butter, creamy sauces, or salad dressings? Rather than eliminating these foods just cut down on portions. Did you eat of fruits and vegetables? If not you may be missing out on vital nutrients.

Tip #9. Make changes slowly. Just as there are no “super foods” or easy answers to a healthy diet, don’t expect to totally revamp your eating habits overnight. CHanging too much, too fast can get in the way of success. Begin to solve excesses or deficiencies with modest changes that can add up to positive lifelong habits. For example, if you don’t like skim milk try low fat.

Tip #10. Remember foods aren’t good or bad. Select foods based on your total eating patterns, not whether any individual food is “good or “bad”. Don’t feel guilty id you love foods such as apple pie, ice cream, potato chips, or candy bars. Eat them in moderation and choose other foods to provide balance and variety that are vital to good health.

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